My style: Bold, monochromatic with a touch of colour. Innovation for your walls.

Like many artists, I’ve always been creative. Growing up in Brighton, I wasn’t particularly academic, however, I developed a skill for drawing and painting at a young age.

I still love it, it’s my true passion. I genuinely hope that my pictures will give you as much pleasure to look at as they are to create.

I’ve re-embraced art in recent years, having focused on the business side of things with my design agency designers-i. Formerly, I was responsible for much of the design in Hanningtons in Brighton. If you’re local, you’ll remember the beautiful independent department store.

I work from colour or black and white photographs to create art that gets noticed.

Each canvas is substantial – at least a metre square – and I focus primarily on the human face, although of course you can commission me to paint an image of you as a couple, or perhaps a family group.

My work can be literal (re-producing a photograph in large format, for example) or more abstract, the latter enabling me to fire up my imagination to evoke a particular emotion, feeling or sensation.

Painting in acrylics, each image is monochromatic, with every subtle shade between black and white used to great effect. Dashes and splashes of colour – or even more – add interest, bringing out someone’s best features, perhaps. I try to portray the very nature of their personality. These are powerful pieces, neutral enough to enhance any space yet always sure to attract attention and comment.

If you’re interested in one of my pictures for your home, retail premises or business, why not give me a call? Let’s get started today.