Art for Hotels

I can design and create custom works for art for your hotel or bed and breakfast to set you apart from your competition.

Imagine this:
Your guests walk into your hotel, looking forward to a well-earned break, or a comfortable base for business meetings. What do they see?

Almost nothing makes a bigger impact on a hotel guest than the art on the walls, both in the reception area, and in their rooms. Old-fashioned, cliched images will do very little to impress, likewise weird, random pictures that don’t relate to their environment.

Even images by “classical” artists may look a little tired.

Why have art in your hotel?

Your hotel or bed and breakfast is much more than a building with rooms, beds and a restaurant. Smart hotel owners like you know that today’s discerning guest is looking for an experience. Art can, and should be a major part of their stay with you.

Consider commissioning me to create a series of custom art works for your hotel. Boutique hotels  are perfect for my artistic style: large, bold, and striking, my pictures manifest your branding, character and flair.

My work is designed not only to enhance an empty space, but as a long-remembered part of your guests’ residency.

Working with me

Your hotel business has its own identity. My role is to help you to express that identity, perhaps even to reinforce it. As the owner, you may be keen to portray its culture and personality and yes, I can support you here, too.

Together we’ll decide what you need, and why. I can work from photographs, re-producing good images in colour or black and white.

The next step? Perhaps a phone call or an email.  Call me on 07813 775 603 or via my contact page.