Art for your home or office

If you have a contemporary home or office environment with a large wall space, my pieces are ideal.  Each is substantial – at least a metre in height and depth, so these are pictures that will certainly attract attention and comment.

Art for hotels and bed & breakfasts

I can design and create custom works for art for your hotel or bed and breakfast to set you apart from your competition.

Imagine this:
Your guests walk into your hotel, looking forward to a well-earned break, or a comfortable base for business meetings.  What do they see?

Almost nothing makes a bigger impact on a hotel guest than the art on the walls, both in the reception area, and in their rooms.  Old-fashioned, cliched images will do very little to impress, likewise weird, random pictures that don’t relate to their environment.

Art for your business

Well, research is starting to show that within a working environment, especially those with a traditionally corporate vibe, spaces that are enriched and enhanced in some way deliver a happier, more engaged workforce.

And, when we’re happy, we work harder and more effectively.  We’re more productive.

Mesmerise by Suzanne Gregory

Art for your shop

Do you have a retail business in Brighton?  Are you the owner of an up-style women’s or men’s clothing business?

As an artist working in Brighton, I love the vibrancy of our retail sector: small, independent businesses offering anything and everything to people who come from far and wide for a bit of shopping therapy.  And why not?  There’s a strong creative and entrepreneurial spirit that runs through us here, just like the lettering in a stick of rock.

Rapture by Suzanne Gregory

Art for your restaurant or café

Art in restaurants and cafés in and around Brighton is now a well-established tradition. People come in for the great food or coffee and stay for the art. If you’re after some striking new images, give me a call on 07813 775 603.

Bliss by Suzanne Gregory

Art the perfect gift

Could anything be more amazing than receiving a unique piece of art?

And not just any piece of art.  Something totally special, completely customised and a genuine one-off.  What’s more, giving an original art piece to someone you love says so much about you: the love you have for that person, as well as the care and attention you’ve put into commissioning a particular piece.

Dita Von Teese by Suzanne Gregory