Art the perfect gift

Could anything be more amazing than receiving a unique piece of art?

And not just any piece of art. Something totally special, completely customised and a genuine one-off. What’s more, giving an original art piece to someone you love says so much about you: the love you have for that person, as well as the care and attention you’ve put into commissioning a particular piece.

I’m Su Gregory and I paint pictures. Each one is completely different and worked specifically to portray its subject in the way that you want. I can paint a picture of you, your son your daughter or a portrait of you and your partner. Quite frankly, I can paint anyone.

My work is substantial: each piece is at least a metre square. This way of creating art suits my style. Talk to me about smaller pieces, though. Everything is possible.

Fan Portraits

Perhaps your loved one is a Marilyn Monroe fan. Or has everything George Michael ever recorded. Or has a bit of a thing for Stevie Wonder. Or…you get the picture.  Why not commission me to create a portrait of their favourite person from stage or screen? You won’t be seeing this work anywhere else and the recipient will be thrilled.

Loved and Lost Portraits

If you’d like me to re-create an image of your beloved partner, it would be my privilege to do so. Together we’ll choose just the perfect photograph and I’ll paint their picture in acrylics. You’ll be able to remember them forever at their radiant best.

If you’ve lost someone that you love, my heart goes out for you. The pain of grief never completely leaves us, it just softens a little as time goes on, blunting its hard edges, not hurting us so much. That physical pain in your chest will start to fade in time, believe me.

Let’s get started. Give me a call on 07813 775 603.