How I Work

I think that art in Brighton and throughout the UK deserves a wide audience. I’m glad that you’re reading this website and that you’re considering commissioning me to create a fabulous piece of art for you.

Getting started is easy:

Give me a call or send me an email. You may have something in mind or you may just like my style and would like to have a picture created for a particular space in your home.

Let’s have a chat about size, location, colour, texture – everything that needs to be covered.

Working from Photographs

People rarely, if ever, sit for a portrait with me. I find it easier (and less intrusive for my client) to work from a good quality colour or black and white photograph.

Real People or a Figurative Image

Portraits are my speciality, but I don’t just paint “real” people.

My images of the human face can portray bliss, happiness or sadness – or any non-literal emotion. These are symbolic, emblematic pictures to invoke a feeling or an emotion.

Black and White with Colour – or Not

I’m moving much more into colour, but my signature style focuses on the monochrome. Working in black and white enables me to portray the amazing variety of shades between the two extremes. It’s harder to do, but very effective.

If you or your subject has amazing blue eyes, for example, you could ask me to highlight these in colour, or feature a certain tone of colour more prominently, with a more abstract picture.