Original art for your home or office

If you have a contemporary home with a large wall space, my pieces are ideal. Each is substantial – at least a metre in height and width, so these are pictures that will certainly attract attention and comment.

They’re best viewed from a distance, but I’m told that they’re stunning close-up, too.

Would you love to capture an image forever? There are so many reasons to commission an original piece of art. Perhaps you’ve lost someone special in your life and you’d like me to re-create your favourite picture of him or her. Or, you’re celebrating an exciting new stage in your relationship. It’s your birthday with a zero attached and you’d like to mark this milestone with a portrait. And why not? Life is for living and art is one of life’s great pleasures.

Perhaps you are a Kylie fan. Or have everything George Michael ever recorded. Or you love the ballet. Or…you get the picture. Why not commission me to create a portrait of your favourite person from stage or screen? You won’t be seeing this work anywhere else.

I’d be delighted to hear from you. Why not contact me to arrange an initial chat?