Art for business

Do you run a business in Brighton, Sussex or elsewhere? Commissioning an original piece of art from Su Gregory could be one of your best business decisions.

Why have art in the office?

Well, research is starting to show that within a working environment, especially those with a traditionally corporate vibe, spaces that are enriched and enhanced in some way deliver a happier, more engaged workforce.

And, when we’re happy, we work harder and more effectively. We’re more productive.

Why not ask me to create some original pieces of art just for your business? Forget motivational posters with ghastly cliched slogans, they really don’t work. In an era where remote working is on the rise, you could start to see a more cohesive working team. Let’s inject some dynamism into your office!

My style of work is impactful and as you can see, rather unusual.

Large, striking, pieces of art such as mine suit contemporary office environments very well, adding a modern chic touch throughout. My images won’t just fill an empty office wall; they’re excellent talking points. Your visitors will almost certainly refer to them, noting the investment you’ve made and how you value the environment in which everyone works.

Your own piece of art

Each commission will be unique. Let’s talk about what you’re after and why.  We’ll decide where you wish my images to hang, the colours you love, and the size of each image.

I’ll make sure that each piece complements and enhances its space.

The message is clear:

  • you value your staff and the contribution that they make to your business.
  • your business is successful and as the owner, you appreciate the aesthetic, not just the commercial side of life.

Are you liking this picture?  Good.  Why not email me and I’d be happy to discuss your needs.