Art for your Café or Restaurant

Why have original art in your café?

Art looks great, it’s that simple.

Your restaurant isn’t just about the food and drink that you serve. Although it’s a terrible cliché (sorry), your business is about the customer experience – or it should be. After all, everyone has a coffee machine at home. Why would they spend money with you?

Creating an artistic and creative vibe in your restaurant or café is good for business. Why? Because your customers pick up discreet signals.

Consider a café devoid of style, warmth, colour or art. Great food but…Now imagine your business as a welcoming place to come and a place to linger. Its walls feature work from local artists, and your café is a talking point. That, and your amazing bagels of course. It would be my great privilege to be a part of that.

Your fabulous food and drink keeps people coming back, so anything that you can do to make the business stand out from the high street coffee chains will help. My style is uncluttered, but it makes an impact. These are custom-made pictures that will truly enhance your décor, especially within a modern, contemporary environment.

Original Art from Su Gregory

My work focuses on human beings, either in facial close-up or as a full-length portrait. These are pieces that can be appreciated from a distance yet look amazing up close and personal. Texture, colour – and impact.

Perhaps your café has a certain theme or maybe it caters for a particular target market. My custom-made pieces will help your business to stand out. Who would you like me to capture in paint?