Art for your shop

Do you have a retail business in Brighton? Are you the owner of an up-style women’s or men’s clothing business?

Maybe you go the “less is more” approach, with luxury goods displayed in an understated, restrained style. If so, paired-down, your minimalist décor may call for some of my bespoke art pieces to bring out best in your range of items for sale.

As an artist working in Brighton, I love the vibrancy of our retail sector: small, independent businesses offering anything and everything to people who come from far and wide for a bit of shopping therapy. And why not? There’s a strong creative and entrepreneurial spirit that runs through us here, just like the lettering in a stick of rock.

Art to set the tone for your shop

There’s no great secret to the fact that a striking picture or two in any environment defines its atmosphere. Consider how you feel when you visit the Pop Art section of the Tate Modern, for example, in comparison to your reactions to classic Canalettos in the National Gallery. It’s quite different, isn’t it?

Whether you sell clothing, footwear, high-end accessories or gifts, my work can be totally customised to your environment.

Working from photographs, I can create substantial pieces that will enhance your retail business. Customers’ experiences can vary; those with a disposable income are looking to buy. The subtle signal that you have invested in your surroundings can only benefit those who are going to spend money with you.

This is a powerful way of merchandising. Creativity to create engagement.

Each of my pieces is created from scratch using acrylics. Primarily in black and white but with touches of colour, these are tailor-made works of art that best suit large, empty walls in unfussy retail environments.

My bespoke art work could be serious business – for your retail business.

Email me or call me on 07813 775 603